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Re: Abrams and Cruise Reuniting for Mission: Impossible 4

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here's Joe Carnahan talking about his version of Mission: Impossible III:

"Were we going to do something that would have kicked the s**t out of the movie they wound up doing? Absolutely. I'm not even going to shy away from that. I know the film we made was going to be better because I thought it was important. And the movie we were making was about private military and what's going on in Africa.

"I had Kenneth Branagh playing a guy who's based on Timothy McVeigh. And I think the cast that we had--Ken, Carrie-Anne Moss, Scarlett Johansson--that's the biggest heartbreak for me because I saw how amazing they would have been.

"If you would have seen Carrie-Anne Moss move with a handgun after a month and a half, it would have blown your mind.

"And we had flat-out the two best mask reveals in the franchise history. Like those mask pulls dealt with major plot stuff. They weren't just these cartoony things."
Off topic, but this bodes well for Carnaghan's version of The A-Team.
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