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Re: Smallville Summer Hiatus Discussion Thread

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The only real 'Superhero' is The Green Arrow.
What about:

- Aquaman
- Black Canary
- Cyborg
- Flash (as was identified on 'Watchtower's' monitor)/Impulse
- Martian Manhunter
I have to agree, Green Arrow is a big hero in this "verse" of course he is still only human, and like Batman is limited to Gotham, Green Arrow has his limits as well, sure he can fly around the world on his plane with the Justice League, but where Superman is truly a global superhero (not that you would know it in some versions) that is not the case here.

Smallville accidently made the first & best live action Green Arrow, all he is missing is a show of his own, and a crossover with Robin Hood
Im Proud of the BBC
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