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Re: Why did Kirk tell Gaila "That's weird"?

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I hope so. It's in the book that he got the information from Gaila for the test the night before while intimate.
This information can also be inferred from his comment to McCoy that he was "studying" for the Kobayashi Maru, just prior to his scene with Gaila.

The inference to be made is that his relationship with Gaila encompassed the studying he referenced when he spoke with McCoy - otherwise there would have been no particular point to his comment (and Kirk doesn't make pointless comments).
And you remember Bones saying "Study my ass.." because he knows Kirk is about to bed some woman.

It doesn't matter if he tries to gain information from Gaila about the test or not.. i'm still on the position that he was kind of "ambushed" by the love line because he (at least in my opinion) isn't in love with her and wanted at best some fun.
However he's decent enough not to outright lie to her face to either get her to sleep with him (only minutes away judging from the scene) or get the info he needs so he stalls for time to think of a proper answer.

Isn't it interesting how the males respond to the scene and how the women here respond?
An amateur psychologist would have a field day with this thread.
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