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Re: Opinions on Chakotay & Seven

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[S]ure, many men would pick Janeway because they really believed that they thought that she was the more desirable of the two. But, in reality, they would be settling for the best that they 'unconsciously' believed they could do.
I may be wrong but it sounds like you've never been in love before.
You are not only wrong, you are mega wrong. By the way, a personal attack, no matter how fun, does not make up for a lack of facts.

Yes, scientists have come up with all kinds of theories over why people choose each other but the true fact is we don't know for sure.
It is well known why people choose each other. You just donít like the answer.

A sparkle in someone's eye or the way they walk and suddenly we're smitten - the heck with what anyone else in the room thinks. Or we could look over at someone we think is just a friend and realize "OMG, I'm in love!"
Sure. But the point is this: We understand why it happens.

Is Seven the obvious choice for sexual desire? Sure, but desire alone doesn't mean love. Putting aside Seven's emotional state, the difference in ages, the fact he was first officer, etc. there was absolutely no personal chemisty between the two. After everything Seven had been through she deserved someone to "spark" with.
All fine and good, but none of that supports your argument that it is not known why human beings fall in love. All you are saying is that most of us donít know on a conscious level why we fall in love. I agree. In fact, most people donít want to know--the fairy tales are much more palatable, much more romantic, and much more fun.

By the way, kimc, love ya.
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