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Klingon Academy: Any Fans?

I have recently pulled out my "Klingon Academy" discs and been playing through again on my trusty PC, and I'd forgotten just how awesome this game is, despite being almost a decade old now.

Besides the excellent combat sim itself (which I think is still pretty unparalleled) we get some nice exposition for TUC, including lots of Chang. (There's no such thing as too much Chang, in my book.)

We also get some really cool in-universe Klingon perspective on the Federation, Romulans, and other enemies. It's actually this game that turned me more in favor of the Romulans than the Klingons, as I realized just how complex and interesting the Klingons could be when they weren't just "Blah blah blah honor, blah blah blah Kahless, blah blah blah bloodwine..."

Okay, maybe the Federation didn't "actually" build the ginormous Missouri and Yamato battleships (drawing boards?), though I can see the Klingons and Romulans investing in theirs, and I'm not fully sure the Sha'Kurians are worth being considered canon. But still, I consider the game a part of my personal canon.

Particularly interesting in the in-universe stuff is how the Klingons see the Federation as dishonorable because of the way they "subvert and exploit" other civilizations rather than conquering them, and compares Klingon Intelligence and Romulan Tal Shiar to the Federation Diplomatic Service. Orwellian.

Anyone else have fond memories of this game?
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