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Re: Opinions on Chakotay & Seven

Why would a Borg respect a "chain of authority"? I mean, Borg Queen aside (and wasn't she really just a voice for the whole?), wasn't the entire collective the "authority"? There was no chain - there was just this gigantic group consciousness. I thought. No?

And Zameaze, there are men who find Janeway beautiful and desirable, too - and I am not just talking about her brain, either. Probably not as many as find Seven beautiful, but still, some would. And others are completely enraptured by Kes or some other character. In my years of "research" (I'm not sure how many since it's kind of hard to say at what age I started, but we are talking decades here), I've found that with men, you just never know what will push each one's individual buttons.
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