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Re: Opinions on Chakotay & Seven

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We're on a same boat here. For a captain, subordinates are off-limits. Such is the order of things.
Yay! I know (from "The Great J/C Thread," which you will find farther down in this forum), that lots of people here disagree with us on this, but not everybody.

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JustKate wrote: View Post
At least a few people have agreed with you, Teya. And of course if you write anything it would be "intelligently written." I'm being sincere here.
Well, thanks.
You're welcome!

teya wrote: View Post
I completely agree that the relationship wasn't handled well on screen, but then Trek has never been particularly good when it comes to relationships.
Exactly. I mentioned in my first post in this thread that it might have been OK if it had been handled better. But yeah...not something Trek has been good at. Up until now. So...we'll see, eh?
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