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Re: Opinions on Chakotay & Seven

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Honestly, I think all episodic TV is at times guilty of shippercide (I do admire your term here).
Thank you very much.

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That said, my reaction to the end of the Kes/Neelix relationship was "Thank goodness." Yeah. Not a fan of that one at allllllll.
Personally, I hated Neelix with a passion, and hated his pedophilia even more.

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Edit: Oh, and I was not a fan of J/C either - not while they're in the DQ (afterwards might have been nice, depending on how it was done). When it comes to romantic relationships for the captain or the first officer with members of the crew, I am quite the hardliner. Really.
We're on a same boat here. For a captain, subordinates are off-limits. Such is the order of things.
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