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Re: Opinions on Chakotay & Seven

Mach5 wrote:
Okay, I didn't put any emoticons in my post, but I didn't exactly write it with a straight face either

But Braga's shippercide tendencies are interesting none the less (He killed Neelix/Kess too, for crying out loud ).
You got me, Mach - I had no idea you were kidding or at least half-kidding. ::whew::

Honestly, I think all episodic TV is at times guilty of shippercide (I do admire your term here). The writers or TPTB or somebody wants new stuff all the time, and they seem to think that watching two people grow in a relationship would be boring for fans (those that aren't fans of that particular 'ship, anyway).

And you know, a lot of times, they're right. But not always. I do think they might sometimes give us some credit for a little bit of maturity now and then.

That said, my reaction to the end of the Kes/Neelix relationship was "Thank goodness." Yeah. Not a fan of that one at allllllll.

Edit: Oh, and I was not a fan of J/C either - not while they're in the DQ (afterwards might have been nice, depending on how it was done). When it comes to romantic relationships for the captain or the first officer with members of the crew, I am quite the hardliner. Really.
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