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Re: Opinions on Chakotay & Seven

I see no chemistry at all between Chakotay and Seven and I still don't understand why the writers did come up with that in the last possible hour of a seven year long show. Was it a final attempt to give the finger at the strongest and most ardent fanbase among the Voyager fans, the J/C-ers?

As in another case in which fans were annoyed and hurt, they did have two options:

1. Pair off Janeway and Chakotay at the end which would have been highly appreciated by a large group of fans.

2. Leaving the whole thing to the imagination of the fans.

As in that other case, they did create and choose option 3 which insulted and annoyed the most loyal group of fans the show had (no I'm not one of the ardent J/C-ers but I do sympathize with their cause).

I can't help wondering if those in charge were so frustrated with everything about Voyager in season 6 that they deliberately took it out on certain groups of fans by creating scenarios which they knew would upset those people.
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