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Re: Abrams and Cruise Reuniting for Mission: Impossible 4

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I've enjoyed the movies just fine, my least favorite is part 2 but still pretty good.
I'm not knowledgebale on the old TV show so I'm sure that helps. It seems clear though that Ethan Hunt was/is Cruise's way of being a Bond or Bourne type character.

I'll await details on an MI:4 before I dismiss it off hand.
Thats about it. It is not that MI movie franchise is bad, but it is not really too much like the series. There really wasn't a main character in the sense of screen time, Jim Phelps was the team leader but often other characters had more screen time or much more important parts to play in the mission.
The movie franchise is very much a Bond or Bourne type adventure, where as the series is more like, what if Q branch had to actually do the missions.

There are probably more gun fights in one movie than in an entire season of the show.

The only real problem I have is that the movie franchise probably killed any chance of a movie or new series like the original tv show.
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