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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Extreme Risk (**)

We all know the problem with this episode, it doesn't fit with the events of the last 8 months in the show. B'Elanna has not been depressed and trying to hurt herself in all that time, it is a major character retcon and it just doesn't work. If this episode had aired only a few episodes after Hunters I would look upon it far more favourably, but it was too late to do this episodes now, the idea should have been abandoned.

And to make things worse the whole thing is brushed aside at the end of the episode because Chakotay gives a speech and makes B'Elanna feel better. Depression is a serious problem, it doesn't go away just because a tree tells you that it cares about you.

Then we have this week's sci-fi plot which makes no sense. They go to extreme measures to save a probe from a gas giant, they even put several of the senior staff into a potentially deadly situation. Why? Clearly Voyager doesn't have any trouble building new probes if they can put together a new super-shuttle in a week, and if they needed to stop the Malon from getting their hands on it then all they need to do is guide it further into the gas giant until it is crushed.

I'm going to be generous with the score because I didn't find the episode to be boring, but it has too many problems that stop it from being enjoyable.
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