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Phase Two; NO WAY

Every once in a while I pick up the PHASE TWO book that has the cool photos, and great behind the scenes stuff, and the script treatments for the episodes, and the more I read? The more I am glad they didn’t do Phase-Two.

Phase-Two came AFTER All in The Family. For all this talk about how TOS changed the landscape for TV, All in The Family makes Trek’s changes look like candy-store filler. Now, with all that said, I read the story treatments for Phase Two. With all due respect, with very few the exceptions, the stories were not that good. And some of them (Kirk Pearl Harbor story) were outright rip-offs. More importantly? They were far from the cutting edge stories of TOS. Some of the stories would have fit right in with BSG's fluffy stuff, or even worse, BUCK ROGERS,

But, and here is where I will lose most of you, the underlying problem with PHASE TWO would have been Roddenberry. And you can see the proof of this when he took most of his ideas, for PHASE-TWO and brought them to TNG and..well…season 1 of TNG makes TOS’s season-three look like a masterpiece. Roddenberry’s problem was that, IMO, TV had passed his way of telling stories by. It isn’t until (GASP) Berman comes along, and with him Moore-Piller ect, does TNG really start to work. The less control Roddenberry had of TNG (and the TOS movies I might add) the better they got.

PHASE TWO might have worked, I guess, had someone else ran the show; but under Roddenberry, it wouldn’t have lasted past one season (IMO) and STAR TREK would have faded away; for good.

That’s my take on PHASE TWO. It died, got reincarnated as TNG, and flourished, for the most part, the further Roddenberry got away from it. Roddenberry was a man, IMO, who was trapped in the past.

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