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Re: Smallville Summer Hiatus Discussion Thread

This Clark becomes Superboy Prime thanks to Superboy Prime's reality punch! Smallville should be one of the 52 multiple Earths just so that we can get a comic crossover with our Superman! I pretty much feel the same way as Brent, keep ranting on how much CW is prolonging the show. I don't care that the intent is to tell stories about Clark Kent's "Youth" he's 23 or something now and the showrunners have done interviews all last season promoting his journey in becoming Superman. If the Red-Blue Blur is indeed Superman...then they should just stop teasing us with Superman-esque stuff (like the cape). As Lionel Luthor once told Chloe, it's time to grow up now and leave all this high school silliness behind! One of my favourite moments all time on the show was in "Legion" when I think Garth asks Rokk and Imra if they've come to the wrong timeline or something like that. I laughed so hard! It was like his own WTF did we just encounter and how the hell can he not FLY yet!
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