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Re: Phase II or the TOS movies?

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I would have liked to see Xon and Illia and some of the planned episodes. Judging from the script in the Phase II book, the Phase II version of The Child would have been a lot better than the TNG one.
That is pure speculation on your part. I think you're wrong.

Well, it's my opinion, formed by reading the script and comparing it with the filmed version.

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Star Trek is and was a format for storytelling on tv.. And too many of the movies have been the not-too-compelling-anymore story, "Defeat the Bad Guy."
yes...Season Three of TOS and Seasons 1-2 of TNG, some of Voyager and most if not all of Enterprise demonstrate just how good TV TREK can really be...

TOS movies were good, and in Khan's case, GREAT. PHASE TWO, based on what photos I have seen, would have come out about as silly as BUCK ROGERS did. Some of the so called 'script treatments' would have made THE NAKED NOW look like Citizen kane. Not doing Phase two, with GR running it, was what saved TREK; IMO

That's pure speculation on your part, I disagree.
I have read that script to. And knowing what I know about TV? That would not have been the final shooting script. The pictures that are in my PHASE TWO book are all the proof I need; that show would have blew chunks. It would have been very much like season 1 of TNG. TNG, despite what some people believe, was just PHASE TWO updated. Either version would have suffered because of who was running them; Gene Roddenberry. And back in 1975, or whatever, Roddenberry would have been younger and would have been given more time to make it work; but he was already the problem.

Harve Benette, Nick Meyer, pretty much saved TREK. The principle actors, Shatner - Nimoy, seem to agree. And TNG was heading down the path of oblivion until Roddenberry gave up control to Berman.

Had there been no 'evil' Harve, then there would not have been the success of VOYAGE HOME which gave TNG birth.

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