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Re: Smallville Summer Hiatus Discussion Thread

but Clark is a hero now, he is the Red/Blue Blur sure he is not Superman but it is the best we are going to get, and given all the shame he feels about how people have died becasue of him, and people have died keeping his secert, how he blames himself for every single meteor freak, its a minor mircale he is a hero, and he certainly would not be the big public hero that Superman is.

As for his flying, his superleap in Doomsday seems very impressive, im sure if he really wanted to he could start to fly, after starting from a leap, which is maybe more realistic than him just floating up, like he has done before.

Truth is Smallville could turn itself into Lois & Clark if wanted to, Lois & Clark investigate the story, to help drive the plot Clark uses his power (X-Ray or Superhearing) to discover what the villain is up to, the Red/Blue blur makes a quick appearance to stop the bank robbery, Lois reminds none the wiser, but growing ever more in love with the Red/Blue blur, end credits.

Dare I say it, but I see no reason why every single Clark Kent has to end up as the standard Superman, this Clark has had a very different life to other Clarks (who for the most part had all there teen angst off screen, without Lex or a totally massive amount of Kypronite) way I see it, this is bound to mean he becomes a different type of hero to what might normal happen, the almost limitless supply of Kypronite for one, is a good reason why he does not hang around for cameras.

There are of course people who argue that Superman is the real person, and Clark is the secert identity, but that is not something Smallville could ever pull off.

The biggest problem this Clark has, is that he does not seem to be that bright, and far to naive, he really needs to learn to be a hero by himself for a bit, not working with Chloe, Oliver or even Lois. He has had so many people around him he has never needed to learn these things for himself.
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