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Re: Why did Kirk tell Gaila "That's weird"?

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When he teased Uhura into telling her name, he said something like, "that's so weird, that was just the name I was going to pick".

I think he was about to do the same thing with Gaila, "that's so weird, that's just what I was going to say", but she cut him off before he got to the punch line. And then dear roomie walked in.

Roommatus interruptus...

No I don't think so *

* = copyright X-Men 2
Yeah I mean if that's what the writers wanted him to say he would of said it...this is not real life where the conversation got interrupted.

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Can we same about when he bedded the green chick in ToS?
When did that happen?
It didn't...Kirk didn't have sex with an Orion in TOS a matter of fact his playboy reputation is perhaps unwarranted. Recently saw a website (courtesy of Indranee) where someone broke down Kirk's sex action episode by episode.....more often than not he used his charm with the ladies to get the Enterprise out of a jam...not to satisfy his own desires and wants.

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No one else has done something similar? I'm a woman, and I've obviously never been a cocky male Starfleet cadet bedding a beautiful green chick, but in my dating days, I was always nonplussed by declarations of love from someone I didn't expect to give it and for whom I was not ready to bestow the same.

Usually, it resulted in some variation of, "uh. Okay. Thanks."

And even with the man I eventually married (and love fiercely to this day), the reaction was:


"I have to go."

Some people just find it weird.
If someone tells me they love me too soon it is a complete turnoff...but I've never responded with a "that's weird"...I think that line has nothing to do with her declaration of love for Kirk.

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What exactly was Kirk responding to when he said "That's weird" after Gaila said "I love you"? I do not think he was responding to Gaila's comment.
because when you really aren't that into a girl and when they start telling you "they love you" you get weirded out...hence the "weird" trust me..happening to me as I speak...
True, true...but do you actually say that to the person's face??? Did you tell this chick you're having troubles with "that's weird" after she said I love you? I think it would be weird to say that's wierd...LOL.

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She's dead. Either way he's safe.
LO - frikkin L
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