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Re: Just got my DST/AA Enterprise-D and the AGT version.

Another thing these toys (models) are heavy, much heavier than the ETRL versions. They seem very solid, and if you had any questions about the magnet idea for the saucer separation. Do not worry, these are very strong magnets indeed.

The more I look at them the more impressed I am at this $39 toy (model). You very skilled modelers may not feel the same but this thing easily surpasses anything that I was able to do with my many attempts at the ETRL Ent-D.

I cannot wait for the rest of the ship line to come out. Knowing DST/AA I will be waiting and waiting and waiting.

Too bad the Ent-B won't be in scale with either the TOS ship line (NX-01, 1701-classic, 1701-refit, 1701-A) or the TNG ship line (1701-D, 1701-D-AGT, 1701-E).

...still I can't wait.

More Pics
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