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Just got my DST/AA Enterprise-D and the AGT version.

Just got my DST/AA Enterprise-D and the AGT version. I think these maybe the best ships DST/AA has put out. They are the most model like of the ships so far. If you have the ERTL 1400 Ent-D then these should be very familiar to you.

The major problem I have is with the D-version it has a different paint scheme than the AGT-version on the neck. The AGT has light aztecing and windows. The D-version has heavy aztecing and no windows. I amy not sure if this is because this one is an early version as most people this don't list the D as available yet, but I much prefer the AGT neck.

Almost no light bleed on the D at all, the AGT only has light bleed on the bridge.

The windows are painted but not indented like on the classic Ent but that is fine with me I am thinking of getting another E-E and taking a sharpie to it. Takes me back to the good ole days of the ERTL 1:1400 series models.


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