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Re: What's everyones top animated babes?

Erin Esurance is pretty nice, true.

There's also the "leading lady" from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Not a very well-regarded movie, but she was a lovely character design. I can't remember her name.

Moving to a different kind of beauty, I want to mention Lain from the anime Serial Experiments Lain. She's far from a sexpot -- heck, she's 14 and has no curves -- but her facial design is a work of art. There are many different incarnations of Lain over the course of the series, and the designer did an amazing job of differentiating them with subtle changes of expression and posture, so much so that you need her very distinctive hairstyle to tell it's the same girl. She's a very beautiful and visually fascinating character, though there's nothing sexual about it.
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