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Re: What's everyones top animated babes?

thestrangequark wrote: View Post
I've always had a thing for Disney's Robin Hood. And Danger Mouse was possibly my first crush.

I'm not a furry, I swear!

While I don't have an ordered list, I'll have to give special mention to Giselle (SP?) from Enchanted as a twofer--a hot animated babe, and Amy Adams in one.

Dark Journey wrote: View Post
This is exactly the kind of discussion that makes people think Star Trek fans are all asexual, virgin geeks.
We're not?

Dark Journey wrote: View Post
Having said that one time there was an episode of Futurama where they were at a nude beach. Leela looked very hot.
Yes. And the final episode when she wore that black dress with the slit over her stomach. The animators sure knew how to draw her curvy.
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