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Re: TNG DVD Transfers

Well if they do remaster TNG, they should really go out on enhancing the FX scenes (don't just redo the ship shots staticly like the series does now. Have ships spinning in and out of orbit in dramatic swoops. When Romulans show up, don't just have the Warbird decloak in front, have them decloak on top and move in so damn close we can wipe our hands on the outer hull).

For "Where no one has gone before" redo the whole shots so we really get a taste of what the universe looks like (what's currently there is not bad, but you can still tell the matte shots from each other).

For "Qwho" don't just show the Enterprise get shot from behind one torpedo at a time. Show the Borg really bringing it down on them, like the Naruda did to the Kelvin in the new movie.

For BTOBW, show the Wolf 359 Battle in full force, getting it's ass kicked (like in the DS9 intro)

For that scene where they had to blockade the Romulans, there were supposed to be 20 ships, and I think we got to see 3? Show the damn 20 ships flying to the blockage point and show them in grid formation.

Stuff like that. There is so much potential to make TNG kick ass. Think TOS's "the doomsday machine" original episode and compare to the remastered one.
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