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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 2: Mere Mortals - (SPOILERS)

(Lousy length restrictions...)

Still, if the ending itself is a dud, and the climax feels disconnected from the rest of the story, at the least the climax makes for engrossing reading in and of itself: the battle with the Hirogen is reminiscent of Mack’s A Time To… entries in terms of the detail and immediacy of the action scenes. Going with squads of largely unknown characters was a good choice, because is showcased the lethality of the Hirogen and made it impossible to predict who would live and who would fall, even as the well-conveyed sense of menace lent immediate sympathy to those unknowns. The squad searching for the Hirogen in the darkened corridors of the Enterprise felt like something that ought to be directed by Ridley Scott, sinister and suspenseful (I suppose “Predator” would be the franchise one thinks of first given the Hirogen’s culture, but the close-quarters shootouts and combat channeled a more Alien/Aliens atmosphere, to me). Kedair also gets her moment to shine, even if it seems the Aventine personal are more successful thanks to their physiology than anything else. The stand on the Enterprise bridge was another entertaining battle sequence—it was unexpected to see the personnel less experienced in combat being shuffled off the bridge; not like on the show, where even engineers and medical staff were going hand-to-hand against Jem’Hadar and other foes (which I suppose is more realistic, but I can’t say it was something that ever bothered me. Everybody in Starfleet should know how to fight, after all, even if it’s not their primary function.)

So that was that. After finishing the book, and being particularly bummed out by what happened (or rather didn’t) in the Azure Nebula, I wasn’t exactly rushing to Book 3 and had other things to do besides—a victim of vanished pacing. I have, however, started reading Lost Souls since then, and so far it seems to have recaptured the energy and impact of the first book.

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