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Re: Smallville Summer Hiatus Discussion Thread

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I'm just waiting for Perry White to come back to the show. I seriously expect to see a casting announcement for him, but it'll be Perry White jr, the son of Perry White sr seen in season 3. That way he'll be young and sexy enough to appeal to the teen girl fanbase.

Not likely.

SOMEONE at DC or Time Warner sure put their foot down about Jimmy Olsen being too old for the traditional character. (He's supposed to be what? Ten years younger than Clark and Lois?) What do we get at the end of season eight? The Jimmy we've come to know and like gets MURDERED and BURIED (and from the reports we've heard, that's not going to be changed by time travel...Ashmore is GONE from the cast), despite the wedding vows it seems James wasn't his first name, and from the looks of things his LITTLE BROTHER may end up as THE Jimmy Olsen.

With such a drastic change, seemingly based on "correcting an error", I doubt we'll end up seeing a young guy as Perry White. He's supposed to be a lot older than Clark and Lois. With the Jimmy situation, I doubt they'll go for an age-inaccurate character again.

I'm just waiting for Mxyzptlk to come back and turn out to actually be from a parallel universe, only now discovering the extent of his powers.
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