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Re: What's everyones top animated babes?

Shouldn't a top list be limited to at most 20?

1. The Baroness (GI JOE...yeah, she had a somewhat grating eastern european accent...)
2. Teela (80's He-Man...bitchy see you next tuesday redhead she was, but then who wouldn't be a bitch towards Prince Adam?)
3. Lady Jaye (GI JOE more tomboyish than Scarlett, but less of a bitch)
4. Firestar (Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Sure were a lot of 80's cartoon redheads)
5. Poison Ivy (BTAS)
6. Princess Ariel (the beauty and brains on THUNDARR)
7. Evil-Lyn (2000's HE-MAN...a bit sexier than the 80's one)
8. Spider-Woman (from Spiderwoman
9. Wonder Woman (Super Friends)
10. Cover-Girl (GI JOE. Less annoying that Scarlett but sluttier than Lady Jaye)

Jailbait mentions :
Sheila, (Dungeons and Dragons, she was only 13 on the show. )
Kitty Pryde (X-men Evolution)
Rogue (X-Men Evolution)
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