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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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I actually didn't mind the introspective Janeway.
Introspection is fine, I find the best characters in all entertainment mediums are introspective, but in this episode Janeway was selfishly dismissive of everyone's feelings but her own. She's the leader of this crew and they needed her leadership now more than ever, but instead she allowed her own needs to come before those of her crew and when this was pointed out to her she ignored it. I'd love an episode where Janeway realistically explored the guilt she feels for getting the crew stranded, I don't want an episode where her attitude to the crew is "sucks to be you".

Drone (**)

Bryan Fuller lets me down for the first time, what a pity.

I have a hard time buying into the concept, I don't see how assimilating Shmully's mobile-emitter leads to a super Borg with abilities dreamed up by a fanboy. I might buy into it if it wasn't for the fact that One as a character is not threatening at all. He looks, sounds and moves in a goofy manner, and he has a smug grin. How am I supposed to believe that this guy is the harbinger of doom when he is the Borg equivalent of a clown?

Seven gets some interesting material, and there is some good scenes along the way, but ultimately I found this to be a "meh" episode. It was very formulaic.

Shmully's mobile emitter wasn't retrieved by the end of this episodes so either he will never leave sickbay again or the crew will take apart One's body and they will equip Voyager with all his futuristic technology. I'm sure the profound implications of the crew having 29th century Borg technology on the ship will not be forgotten.
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