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Re: TNG DVD Transfers

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Also the new release should be awesome. CBS does an amazing job on their TV DVDs, better even than what Paramount did in the past. The TOS Remastered DVDs/BluRays along with the Twilight Zone Definitive Collection (done by Image under supervision of CBS) are fantastic and are even better than the initial Trek DVD releases.
I've got the first couple seasons of TZ, and you're right, it does look great, but since they've already done the work and remastered the series in HD, I hope it won't be too long a wait for the definitive definitive edition on blu-ray. I really want the last three seasons, but I'm holding out for a future blu-ray release.

And if TNG and TZ both go to blu-ray, and I can only afford one series, I'm gonna have to go TZ. Sorry, TNG.
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