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Re: What's everyones top animated babes?

Well, I never realized it back in the '80s, but in watching some old He-Man reruns on Hulu recently, I realized that the Sorceress is quite lovely. Her face is beautiful and I love her falcon headdress and costume.

Princess Aura from Filmation's Flash Gordon is a real stunner. Teela from He-Man is basically Aura with a different hairstyle, costume, and voice. Somehow Teela never impressed me much, though, despite having the exact same face as Aura. It's that hairstyle -- it's just not attractive.

Judge J.B. from Bravestarr (also on Hulu and on DVD) is pretty good-looking too. With her long lashes and high cheekbones, she reminds me of Sophia Loren.

From the DCAU, there are a lot of gorgeous Bruce Timm-style women to choose from. Let's see, who's most impressive? Lois Lane, especially in that red jacket. New-Look Barbara Gordon (with Tara Strong's voice, always a plus for sexiness). Shayera Hol -- underneath that ugly Hawkgirl helmet, she was stunning. And Wonder Woman was pretty impressive at times. Poison Ivy was spectacular in her debut episode, but I never felt later animators did as well with her.

Glen Murakami's female characters are pretty striking too: Starfire and Raven from Teen Titans, Gwen from Ben 10 Alien Force.

Sue Storm on Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, the most recent FF animated series, is stunning, though the show isn't very good.
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