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Re: The Borg, a defence

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You don't understand. The borg cannot exploit because exploitation is irrelevant to them. The borg cannot violate rights or commit genocide because that is not what they are doing, they are expanding. They are most in tune with the universe as a place where if something is deficient it is removed or assimilated and improved. This is what the borg do. The fed by contrast are stick in the mud conservatives who resist the inevitable tug progress.

Do you know what the concept of "exploitation" means? The borg exploit everything and everyone. Their actions fit the notion of "exploitation" perfectly.

The borg's actions fit the notion of "genocide" perfectly. They do much more than merely "expanding".

The borg's nature fits the concept of "evil" perfectly.

Exploitation is irrelevant to them? Good and evil are irrelevant to them? Genocide is irrelevant to them?
So what?
A sociopath may not care about good/evil. That doesn't make him any less evil.
A genocidal creep may not care about his victims. That doesn't make him any less evil.

The borg are "most in tune with the universe"? The Federation people "by contrast are stick in the mud conservatives"?
You don't know what world/what universe you're living in!
You know what? I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're joking - a very lame joke, that is.
You're so wrong . You see you're personifying the borg and giving it human qualities. The borg is growth. The borg is a hivemind but utterly different from human consciousness. It simply continues to improve and grow. Consequently, holding it to human standards is sophistry.
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