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Re: The Borg, a defence

The borg are genocidal sociopaths.
They're sociopats because they know what right and wrong / good and evil is (they've assimilated billions who did) - but they just don't care about them. For them, killing and assimilating billions is what a good meal is for you.
And they're genocidal - exactly how many TRILLIONS have they killed, assimilated? How many species and cultures have they destroyed?

The borg are one of the few things that can accurately be desribed as absolutely EVIL.

The Borg aren't so bad.
From the Borg's perspective, what they are doing is not 'wrong'.
Are you joking me?

Morality - good and evil - is not changing with the individual. Everyone may have an excuse for their actions - but that changes nothing to the fact that mass-murderers (for example) are EVIL.

The borg are EVIL. THe concept of "evil" describes them perfectly.

According to human morality, the borg are EVIL.
And, I suspect, according to the value system of any intelligent species that built a culture and a civilization, that learned to cooperate, that moved beyond savagery.

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