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Re: The Borg, a defence

Is there an empirical status of "right" and "wrong?" No. But there are some things that basic empathy should tell us are universal violations of the rights of others. If we actually care about others -- and we have to, because if we do not, then, ultimately, our ability to exist is imperiled -- we have to recognize that others have rights, too. The Borg would certainly not approve of someone invading their space, abducting their drones, and then forcibly enslaving their mind -- yet they do the same to others. It is the essence of aggression and power-madness, absolute megalomania. They are evil, and there is nothing good about their culture.
Exactly. And put much better (and more succinctly) than it would have been if I'd said it. Whether there is or is not some ultimate right or wrong is indeed open to question. But simple application of the most basic logic and most basic fairness tells us that if we want others to respect our rights, we must respect their rights, too. But the Borg consider rights "irrelevant"...except their own, of course.
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