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john titor
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The Borg, a defence

The Borg aren't so bad. They're more logical and evolved than the federation. Example "your archaic and authority driven cultures yadda yadda." The borg are so advanced that they have grown out of the need for a direct hierarchy. We can regard the Queen, if we want to at all- seeing as the real borg was that shown in the TNG series, as a physical manifestation or managing node of the collective will.

So in the borg there are no pretences to irrational belief systems, authority or exploitation. All that exists is a unified consciousness emergent from its component parts. While you may sacrifice your individuality you become part of a greater whole of which you are a part, in essence the greater whole becomes you as you aren't distinguishable from it.

The problem for the borg was that they failed to understand that assimilation should be voluntary, although it was irrelevant to them. I would liked to have seen a star trek episode where people volunteered themselves for assimilation, like cult groups.
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