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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Anybody know where DS9 stands in respect to the issues discussed in this thread?
I can't imagine any activity with DS9 until B5 makes an announcement on the matter.
ummmm....millions more are aksing "what is B5?"

Babylon 5. Basically DS9 didn't become a serial until King B saw that Babylon 5 was actually more popular. Then he hatched the Dominion War to complement B5's Shadow War and changed the format of the show to compete.

But B5 fans shouldn't hold their breath for a remastered version of that show. As wikipedia explains:
Mastering problems
The transfer of Babylon 5 from fullscreen to widescreen (originally for the Sci-Fi Channel; later released on DVD) created significant problems with regard to special-effects/CGI footage. Several factors complicated the process.[104]
  • Although originally broadcast in the standard television aspect ratio of 4:3, all live-action footage was filmed on Super 35 mm film (with a ratio of 1.65:1). The idea was that, once widescreen televisions (with an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 1.78:1) became more popular, the episodes could be easily converted into a widescreen format.
  • CGI shots were rendered in the 4:3 ratio, but designed so that the top and bottom of each shot could be removed to create a widescreen image without ruining the image composition.
  • All of the purely live-action shots were stored as high-definition digital images.
  • However, CGI shots, and shots combining live-action with CGI, were stored in the much lower-definition NTSC digital format. (Again, the expectation was that it would be relatively cheap in the future to recreate the CGI in widescreen.)
  • Over the years, the original computer-generated models, etc., have been lost, making it necessary to use the old 4:3 CGI shots.
This has resulted in several consistent flaws throughout the Babylon 5 widescreen release. In particular, quality drops significantly whenever a scene cuts from purely live-action to a shot combining live-action and CGI. This is particularly noticeable on the PAL DVDs, since CGI shots had to be converted from NTSC, as well as being blown up to fit a widescreen television. In addition, while the live-action film was originally widescreen, shots were composed for 4:3, resulting in a conspicuous tendency for actors to clump up in the middle of the screen.
JMS himself admits that B5 is dead, and Warner will never fork out the cash to re-do all of the effects in the series due to how many effects it used (the five seasons of the show used more than all seven seasons of any Trek series).
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