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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

I'm an Oirish person who is going to have to watch both episodes in their entirety. That's like forcing a Jew to watch video footage from Nazi concentration camps.

Night (***)

I liked the start of this episode as it focused on the characters and how they react to being in this expanse of starless space. Kim alone of the bridge with his feet up on a console? Good. Crewmembers squabbling in the mess hall at night? Good. Crewmembers not bothering the wear full uniforms? Great! Voyager should have had this more relaxed style from the beginning, I think it works well.

The bad part about this? Janeway. It is perfectly acceptable that Janeway would feel guilty about getting the crew stranded in Caretaker, and it is shocking that it has taken four years for us to get a story about it. But rather than being reflective Janeway is dismissive, you will have a hard time trying to find a worse case of ineptitude from a captain than you see in this episode. Character assassination at its finest.

Tuvok wrote:
I've been observing her behaviour for the past four years. Guilt has been her constant companion.
Tuvok has been watching a different show than me, clearly.

Then some aliens show up and attack, and then some more aliens show up to help, and then we learn that the bad aliens are good and the good aliens are bad, and then stuff gets blowed up real good. This plot isn't bad, but it is rushed. As I have said for the previous two seasons as well, this episode should have been told over multiple episodes. Two episodes could have focused on the crew and the tension which amounts from being stuck in this empty region of space, and the third episode could have focused on this plot about the aliens and the wormhole. This was a great opportunity to focus on the crew without worrying about external conflicts, unfortunately the concept was wrapped up too quickly.

Torpedoes: 38/38

13 torpedoes were fired in this episode! 13!! To put that in context, only four were fired in the entirety of last season. This brings us to the limit, Voyager has no more torpedoes to fire. As per the rules of this thread laid down after season 1's The Cloud, Voyager as a show will officially jump the shark when the 39th torpedo is fired. It's coming any day now!
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