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Tube Strike Stories

As most of TrekBBS' Londoners know, the 'blessed' RMT Union has gone on a 48-hour strike from 7pm yesterday evening.

This means that the London Underground is mostly closed. At time of writing, only the Northern Line is operating a normal service, and small parts of the Jubilee, District, Metropolitan, Piccadilly and Victoria lines are running, but overall if you want to use the Tube today, forget it.

So, how are TrekBBS' Londoners getting around today ?

I went to my usual Tube station on the off chance there might be some sort of service, but it was closed. Got a bus to my local mainline station. When I got there, the displays were saying it would be 25 minutes before the next train going in to London arrived. Thankfully, the platform announcer said that was wrong and true enough, a train arrived a couple of minutes later. Even better, it was one that skips out a lot of the smaller stops in between.

Made it in to Liverpool Street at 5:47 and walked towards my office near Southwark station. That took me about 45 minutes. It shouldn't have done but I got turned around a few times. A bit of GPS on my phone helped. I know my way now so getting back there tonight should be a bit easier.
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