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Re: I like Tasha Yar.

Space. The Final Frontier. But not the movie, "The Final Frontier". Just the space part. These are the voyages of the U.S.S. McCoy-Spock Banter, her ongoing mission: to argue our way around strange, new, but also cliche, worlds. Too seek out new foreheads, and new canon violations. To boldly go no further than September 2, 1969!

Anyway, funny because I too like the Tasha Yar character for various reasons:

1. I think Denise Crosby was pretty hot, at least back then.

2. She had come from a troubled past.

3. She could take care of herself in a fight, and was a tough girl WITHOUT being a smug, bitchy man hater (It seems to me that nowadays "tough chicks" are portrayed as being men haters who kick men in the balls any chance they get).

Sadly the character did not continue, for whatever reasons. The Sela thing just didn't make any sense at all.
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