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A Star trek CGI series

This location looks to me like it very well could be a structure on a Star Trek TV series alien planet.

It is from a videogame on the PS3 that was released this month.
How about the idea of a CGI Trek series and then a PS3/XBOX360 game released in 1080p that used the same locations (and the same CG models) similar to this idea?
As fans we could explore these locations ourselves in realtime being able to walk all around the 'sets' in full high definition quality.
When will Michael Okuda & John Ives & Alan S. Kaye [set designer on STVI:TUC, DS9, Insurrection, Nemesis] start making their CG models available as a PS3 official Star Trek volume 1 'game' that is more of a interactive encyclopedia to explore the Star Trek Universe much more than a MMORPG like Star Trek Online.
I want official Trek TV and feature film designers creating the alien world and alien ship designs that are the CG models used in a game as well as a CG canon series.

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