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Re: Advice needed on purchase of TOS DVDs, please!

I see opinions are splitting here. *lol*

Grant wrote:
Buy the Blu-ray set.

Blu-ray players are now under $200. Also, even if you don't have an HDTV you can set the output of the Blu-ray player to work with a standard TV. That way you'll have the player and the best version of the show which is the blu-ray set.
Oh dammit. It does indeed sound like the blu-ray editions are the best, but unfortunately I don't think I'll get those. We don't have a blu-ray player and my dad definitely doesn't want to get one now, even though they're under $200 as you say.
Heck, we don't even have a TV these days. It broke down shortly before last Christmas and we haven't yet gotten a new one, so whenever we wanna watch a movie or so we now set up my dad's laptop and the projector and have kinda like a home cinema.
slightly off-topic, I know. *lol* It's a shame.
*sigh* Once we have a Tv again I will obviously have to talk my family into blu-ray.

I guess I will tell everyone who keeps asking me about what exactly I want, that it would be great to have the original on DVD. I doubt, however, that this will be easiy, since they're quite hard to get these days - so, maybe it can't be done and I will have to go with the latest remaster DVDs.
Not sure....I've heard some very good things about them and then there are reviews that don't sound very promising at all.

Given the fact blu-ray is pretty much not an option for me here, the old original sets would actually me very nice....I mean, afterall they had me falling in love with Trek when I was 5 in the first place, so hell, why not just go for it.
On the other hand, as I said, I somehow don't see it happening, so my bet is I'll end up with the remaster DVDs.
Which is okay, too, I believe, I haven't seen them yet and have yet to make up my own mind about the CGI added etc.
Anything's good to finally give me the chance to get a daily TOS fix again.

Thank you very much for your hints and advice everyone, I really appreciate it. What a pity I can't get those blu-ray ones, they definitely sound like the ideal edition to me.
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