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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

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I've been considering drawing Zurin Dakal for several months now (yeah...well before I saw this thread!), but I'm actually thinking that now I'll actually pick up a pencil and do it.

Since you're the one that I think most brought Dakal to life (though I also give some credit to M & M as well), I was wanting to get a bit of an idea of how you envision him. How would you describe his height and general build? And I think I missed it--but do we know what color his eyes are? Any particularly prominent facial features (minus the obvious ridges) that I should know about?

I definitely have an image of him in my head--but I would like to be true to the character.

Oddly enough...I have no luck whenever I try cartoon/animated styles. Ever. The only work I'm ever happy with tends to be more realistic in nature, so any vital stats would be helpful.
I know everybody hates Wesley Crusher (although I don't and never did) but I see Dakal in sort of that vein. Slender, for a Cardassian, average height, studious demeanor. I see him with big thoughtful eyes that are more expressive than average and I think he feels things very deeply even when he doesn't always express them.
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