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Re: How do you set up your MP3's?

Operas, concerts, Concept albums and Original SoundTracks I usually listen to on an album by album basis - But I also have a couple of 'playlists' containing either something for bicycling fast/vacuum cleaning -or something meditative to keep the heart rate down while in a supermarket or when I'm in a similarly stressing environment.
I also carry a couple of 'funny'-playlists with TV theme tunes, cartoon clips, comedy routines (who's on first?) and other weird/unusual/downright crazy stuff.

I can not make myself delete music, and with HD space being as cheap as it it now I don't need to burn to optical discs in order to keep everything readily available. In fact I still have many CDs I haven't yet made into mp3s or FLACs to keep on HD that I haven't heard in ages, but every time one of those is on my mind I also transfer it to HD.

My Chinese mp4 player ( ) holds 8 Gb, but I rarely use more than about 3 Gb...

I currently have about 40 Gb of music on my computer.

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