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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

^ That was real, apparently it happened several times. It annoyed me too, the writers seemed to think that being in stasis is like being asleep.

Hope and Fear (***)

One bad side effect of BOBW was that Trek nearly always went the cliffhanger route at the end of each season, except DS9 which went for shocking plot twists. What I've always liked about this episode is that it did not go down the cliffhanger route, instead it acts as a bookend for season four, that was a good idea considering the changes made this year.

Seven's character arc this season is fairly well rounded off in this episode as she finally decides she does not wish to be Borg and stops resisting being human (at least for now, the continuity of this show has never been brilliant). The story itself also acts as an interesting bookend for the decision Janeway made in Scorpion to side with the Borg, something which was not really followed up on this season. The idea that there are aliens near Borg space who resent Janeway for making that decision is believable and overdue.

The problem is that Arturis's plan is a little far-fetched, he has everything set up in advance even though he didn't even know about the message from Starfleet until he boards Voyager. Then there is the problem with the quantum slipstream drive which can only work on Voyager for an hour for some reason. Why can't they use it for an hour, then stop for a day and then use it for another hour until they finally reach home? This has bugged me for years. Finally there is the huge anti-climax of the real message from Starfleet, the highly secretive encoded message which says "Sorry, we've got nothing". That sure was worth encoding.

Does anyone else notice a timeline aberration with this season? Hope and Fear takes place nine months after Scorpion, but the second half of this season has had huge jumps in the amount of time which passed between episodes. The Killing Game stated that the Hirogen had control of Voyager for 2-3 weeks, and there was several days of fighting after that. Vis a Vis stated that Tom has spent weeks building his car in the holodeck. Unforgettable said that the female alien had been on board a month before. Demon suggested that Voyager had been running out of power for quite some time so there must have been large enough gap between this and the previous episode. One had Voyager going through a nebula for a whole month. I guess with Year of Hell taking up only five minutes this is doable, but the early episodes must have been fairly close together.

Who cares, eh?

Season review coming soon and then we'll jump right back into things.

Edit: I forgot about the torpedo counter, four torpedoes were fired in the slipstream tunnel (and only one hit).

Torpedoes: 25/38
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