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Advice needed on purchase of TOS DVDs, please!

Hi y'all,

okay, so it's my birthday this weekend and I've put "all 3 TOS seasons on DVD" on my wishlist.

I've seen TOS in its original version on TV several times (last time, however, was at least 4 years ago), but don't have the DVDs yet. Of course I have to change that!

Now, I was wondering if maybe I could get a little advice from you guys on what version to buy. I know there's the original "unpolished" one, which is the one I know. (Can you still get this version on DVD, though? ), then there's the HD-DVD edition, and there are the remasters. The latest remastered version being these with the steelbook etc.:

So, what do you think would be best to get on DVD these days?
The unpolished one I know so well from when it was on TV (provided you can still get it)?
Or should it rather be the latest remasters, with better sound, added CGI effects and better and sharper picture quality? Do these still have the flare and feel of the old "raw" edition or is that all gone with the editing etc?
I doubt I would get the HD-DVD edition, cause it's so expensive.

What do you think?

Well, your help is much appreciated, so thanks.
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