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As Mirrorball pointed out, this question was cleared up right at the very beginning, in the very same episode the situation was introduced. So, not to be rude or anything, but frankly you just weren't paying attention.
I grasp what the guy said. I just had a hard time wrapping my brain around the concept until another poster mentioned cellular mitosis ... then it clicked.
Yeah, sorry if I came off harsh. I just think that it's vital to understand that the two Crichtons are exactly the same, equal in every way. You have to know that either thing could have happened to either one of them, that it is a real Crichton that dies, but that a real Crichton is left behind too, for the drama to work as effectively as it does.

Another thing I love about the whole thing is that it is reflected right there in the opening credits from the beginning of the third season, even though the twinning doesn't happen till the sixth episode. In the credits voiceover, there are two parallel Crichtons delivering parallel descriptions of his life - one focused on his love and his friends, the other focused on the science of wormholes. Aeryn vs Earth, his twin obsessions, right there in plain sight from the start. Crichton is the Dog With Two Bones throughout the season.

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Talyn's demise might be the best death scene I've ever watched.
How insane is it that you can say such a thing - not that I disagree, because I absolutely agree - about a character who never says a word, but is portrayed exclusively by sets and lighting rigs?

It is amazing how Farscape managed to make us feel for those two characters - Moya and Talyn - is if they were as real as any other. Hell, forget Pilot and Rygel - Moya had more character development that some characters on other shows.

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