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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello there. I've been a TNG fan for almost as long as I can remember. I've seen almost every episode several times over, and most of my family are fans as well. I like nearly all of the main cast, but Data has always been a favourite, and so is Picard. I still think it stands as one of the best science fiction series ever, for all its faults, and the best episodes of TNG are among the best episodes of any TV, ever.

Most of my family abandoned ST after TNG ended, but, despite not liking some of DS9's first/second season episodes, I stuck with the show because it had promise and I liked the characters. And it grew into another favourite of mine, just a little below TNG.

Voyager, Enterprise? Neither show is bad, far from it, but I have a lot of issues with both, and can pretty much take them or leave them.

I've recently gotten to watch classic 60s Trek and enjoyed it, the stories and characters still hold up remarkably well. I avoided the series for a long time because my first viewing were of the third season, which gave the impression of a camp show like the 60s Batman. Thankfully I was proven wrong.

Pretty disgracefully for someone who calls himself a Star Trek fan, I haven't even seen all of the films yet!!!
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