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Re: Sky1 Buys Universe

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Sky do sell on the rights to show episodes to broadcast channels. In the past Channel 4 have shown Stargate SG-1 and Five showed Atlantis but neither performed particularly well. Generally, people who want to watch the show aren't going to wait for terrestrial repeats anyway.
Well Channel Five decided to show half of Atlantis at 1 am, so bad ratings arent surprising.
No one should get their hopes up about seeing Universe on Channel 4 either. MGM were not happy when the dribbling Morons that present T4 decided to take the piss out of SG-1 after each episode.
Nor was I. If anyone wants evidence of how dumbed down British television is getting, just watch Channel 4 during the early afternoon on a weekend.
Off topic to a point, but it reminds me of when some moron on that music show they have on T4 was interviewing Shakira a few years ago. He called her a "Colombian sex pot" straight after saying hello, which she is, but she's way too classy to just say that too her, and then he went on and on about how someone from some crappy group called Blue had been sitting there just last week, and Shakira, being the polite lady she is just sat and smiled. But god, do I hate T4 and all their crappy and moronic presenters.
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