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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

One (**)

Trivia time: Intrepid class starships include over 140 stasis chambers, that is almost four times as many stasis chambers as the amount of torpedoes they carry.

I like the general idea of this episode, but the way it plays out is initially boring and eventually turns over the top. They literally turn Voyager into the Seven and Doctor show here and that's not such a bad thing because they are both intriguing characters. Unfortunately Seven's antics quickly get annoying and the episode relies upon Shmully insulting her to make things interesting.

But then Shmully goes offline and Seven is left on her own, that's when things get silly as she starts imagining the crew and Borg drones taunting her about her imminent death. Any sense of subtlety the episode should have had it completely lost when the ship turns green and dry ice starts sublimating all over the place.
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