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Re: What bridge design do you like?

Heres a trully awesome bridge.

People really should get more creative!

I swear the main post was created with me in mind!


Ok...Picture this....

You will have to close your eyes to picture it. Its not simple.

Its a combo of the 2 widely loved bridges, Enterprise-D & E.

Both of each have its positives and negitives. I am about to take the positives of each.

However I want to introduce a new bridge design shape.

The bridge is shaped like a dull chipped head arrow with a different back end.

The front of the bridge is the chipped arrow, running a short distance where the main viewer. The veiwer isn't like any other which I will explain later.

The sides run up angular, like a arrow does midway to equal legths, then runs forward for the legths of 2 standard doorways.

The left will be bare, but the right will contain 2, the first, enters to the Captains Ready Room.

The second to the right holds the ships room where they hold there meetings. The Captains Ready room has a door adjacent to this so he/she will NOT have to return to the bridge to gain access as this would look somewhat strange and ineffecent. I wish for them to hold there meetings closer because about HALF of them would be going to the bridge when there is a emergency. Half the time when a emergency happens they are located here.


Back to the bridge, the back of the bridge from both angles from the mid point have the curves have the half circle shape that the Enterprise-D has in its back. But this one has broader sides before its curvature as the new Enterpise bridge design is larger. the right side of the circle has 2 turbo lift access ways. The left part of the curve in the back contains a emergency hatch for evacuation.

Questions: Why do I have two Turbo lifts? Because the Enterprise-F bridge proposition has more crew manning stations as the Enterprise F has more people manning the bridge than other ships.

OK, outside of the ready room, adjacent at midpoint between the Ready room and the conferance room across the right bridge isle has a metal steal bar with a Similar setup of its curveiture matching from the Enterprise D. The ramp from the Enterprise D also exists. Below like the Enterprise-D, the 3 chairs exist, above tactical exists and is much longer like the barrowed propisition of the Enterprise-D from the alternate universe Dark Mirror book as the weopons have increased.

Forward swinging stations exist from the Enterprise-D which include Conn & Science. They swing like the Enterprise-D, but are oval shaped to make access easier.

There are concels on the back part of the oval for the functions like The Enterprise D has.

They include: Scence 1 & 2, Life Support, Engeneering. There is always 2 people manning each Science station and 2nd will act as back-up. Science is also responsible for Life Support as regularly adjustments will not need to be made. 2 people instead of 1 at tactical, but only the tactical officor of rank will speak to the room. The second may converse with each other. If the tactical commander goes down, until they regain the ability to do there job, the secondary takes over. In a emergency sitaution if necessary someone could also man life support.

If you do the math: 3 commanders, 2 forward stations, 2 at tactical, 2 science. This is the minimum. thats 9 officors.. Max 11.

Not to mention random people who may need to see the captain. and the turbo lifts serve other parts of the ship. People GOING to the bridge should NOT have to wait for a lift on this vast ship.

-Continued to next message....-
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