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Re: Size Of The New Enterprise (large images)

Now on the shuttle bay...(And this is where a lot of size controversy has started) When I look at the screencaps from the movie, it looks like the Shuttlebay is MASSIVE. Which I believe it is. But I wanted to see if its possible that you could fit the shuttles in the shuttle bay and if there was a possibility that the cavernous view we got of the shuttle bay was in some way produced because of tricks with perspective. I could be way off on this, but I still find it interesting...I scaled the shuttles to be 30 feet long. I read in one of the articles from the ILM guys that said the shuttles were 30 feet long. (as pointed out, none of these are concrete, its just a study I did and one little mistake in scale can throw everything off, so just take it for entertainment value and please do not accuse me of pushing for one size, like they did on another forum)

Please ignore the figures that I accidentally
placed in this picture..

Now here is pure conjecture on how the shuttles could (possibly, although slightly unlikely) that they could fit into the bay. I drew several different possibilities for the roof represented by red lines...

more to come...
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