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Re: What bridge design do you like?

AdmiralSteven wrote: View Post
I do have one question about Voyager’s briefing room I’m hoping to get an answer to. There’s the entrance to Voyager’s briefing room via the sliding doors, however, there appears to be another entrance directly across from the main door that leads behind the wall. Does anyone know where that leads to? Here’s a link to the picture of the briefing room:
I don't think they ever specifically show or say where it goes. However, if it Voyager's layout is anything like the Enterprise D, the bridge had other rooms around it on the same deck which could be accessed through that extra door off the Observation Lounge/Briefing Room (There was another turbolift to get there as well, it wasn't just accessable through the Obs. Lounge).

RyuRoots wrote: View Post
The Enterprise-E bridge as seen in First Contact (since IIRC, it's not exactly the same in any of the 3 Ent-E movies, like how the Ent refit/A wasn't the same in any of THOSE movies) is probably my favorite, with the Defiant's a close second.
I was a little disappointed when it wasn't quite the same in each movie, luckily they made it VERY similar, a lot more similar than the bridge of the A between TOS movies...
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