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I'm done. The moment you start talking as if Drag Me to Hell is somehow an intellectual film, it's "Game Over".
It has an intellectual component, to think otherwise is to seriously underestimate the film and it's creator

Oh, I know that. The punishment should still fit the crime, and that's one of the movies weakpoints.
If the punishment fit the crime, it wouldn't be a horror movie.

Horror movies--at least, the horror movies that I've seen--are full of people who suffer terrible punishments for minor transgressions, or for other people's transgressions, or sometimes for no reason at all.

Most notoriously, in slasher films, premarital sex is punished with death.

In The Exorcist, the mother transgresses her traditional gender role, and is punished with the demonic possession of her daughter.

In The Fog, the townsfolk are killed by vengeful ghosts for the sins of their ancestors.

In Psycho, Marion steals money from her employer. Just when she decides to go back and return the money, she is murdered.

In Carrie, the protagonist massacres an entire high-school class for bullying her. The one girl who tried to help Carrie survives, but is horribly traumatized.

In The Grudge, the vengeful ghost of the murdered wife takes vengeance on anyone who enters her former home.

In Alien, the captain of the Nostromo violates quarantine procedures in order to help an injured crewmate.

In The Return of the Living Dead, the owner of the medical-supply warehouse simply stores the mis-shipped canisters in his basement, instead of alerting the authorities.

In The Descent, Juno lies to her friends, and leads them into an unexplored cave system.

In Hostel, young men engaging in sex tourism have the tables turned on them, and are punished with death by slow torture.

In 28 Days Later, scientists conduct dangerous, irresponsible experiments, which go awry when animal-rights militants break into their laboratory. Most of the population of Great Britain is then punished for the hubris of both the scientists and the militants.

The heroine in Rosemary's Baby doesn't do anything to deserve what happens to her.

In fact, those films that I can think of, where the punishment does fit the crime, generally try to disguise this fact.

Night of the Living Dead would be one of those films. Angel Heart would be another.
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